Claiming PDUs

Project Management Professionals (PMPs) are responsible for reporting their Professional Development Units (PDUs) in the Project Management Institute's (PMI's) Continuing Certification Requirements (CCR) System. PMPs may also view their PDU transcript from this system. To access the CCR System, login to, then click Report PDUs under "Certification Status" on the right side of page. Additional information on How to Earn PDUs is available on our website under the Career Development tab.

Change in Reporting for Eastern Iowa Chapter Meeting PDUs
Due to PMI's process change for us to claim the PMI credential holders' PDUs, we hereby announce the following.  
The change will take effect for the 9/13/18 chapter meeting (already past), 11/8/18 (still registration is open), and future chapter meetings.  We will reach out to those who already attended on 9/13/18 and also registered for 11/18/18 that he/she will need to claim a PDU manually on his/her own. 
1. Monthly Chapter Meeting - For those PMI credential holders (e.g., PMP) who attend the PMI EIC chapter meeting s (e.g., PMP) and who wish to report a PDU, a member shall report manually on his/her own at 
2. Yearly Professional Development Day (PDD) - PMI EIC still plans to claim PDUs on behalf of the PMI credential holders who opted in this feature during the registration process.  
How to report PDU for chapter meetings (applicable for those with PMI credentials):

1. Login to your PMI username and password (If you are a new user, click the link to establish an account.)

2. Go to myPMI.

3. Click on “Report PDUs” under Certification Status on the right side of page.

4. Click on "Organization Meeting" under Education.

5. In the Organization Host field, enter C100. This is the number for PMI Eastern Iowa Chapter.

6. In the Title field, enter a chapter meeting such as "September 2018 Chapter Meeting"

7. In the Meeting Number field, ignore since this is an optional field.
8. In the Description field, ignore since this is an optional field or you can add the description.  
9. In the Date Started field, add the date like 9/13/18 when a chapter meeting was held.
10. In the Date Completed field, add the date like 9/13/18 when a chapter meeting was held.
11. In the URL field, ignore since this is an optional field.
12. In the PDU claimed field, add 1.0 (for 1.0 hours) for the appropriate triangle.  If in doubt find a newsletter from PMI Eastern Iowa Chapter about the meeting you attended and find which talent triangle it was for.   As a tip, when you register a chapter meeting you might like to make a note which triangle it is for on your own so you can do this process rather quickly.  

13. Click “I agree this claim is accurate.”

14. Click “Submit”. 

A confirmation e-mail will automatically generate when the PDUs are accepted by PMI. It is a best practice to keep a copy of the e-mail as a record of your PDUs.


  • If PDUs are earned through another provider, ask for the correct provider number and activity number. 
  • Registered education providers are responsible for submitting activities to PMI so they can be entered in the CCR System.