Advertising Guidelines


The PMI Eastern Iowa Chapter (EIC) provides advertising opportunities in the chapter newsletter and on the chapter Web site. Advertising prices as are noted below. Prices reflect article publication in one issue of the newsletter or for one month on the chapter Web site.

  • Newsletter or Web site article with a vendor or sponsor with whom we have partnered in the past: $25 per article.
  • Newsletter or Web site article for a vendor with whom we have not partnered in the past: $50 per article.  

The PMI EIC offers advertising at no cost in the following circumstances:

  • Advertisement is affiliated with a chapter member
  • Advertisement for a partner that is in a joint venture with the chapter
  • Advertisement for a recent chapter sponsor (within one year of the sponsorship activity)
  • Advertisement of events for another PMI chapter
  • Advertisement of project manager positions within a 100 or so mile radius

If you have questions about advertising, please contact the VP of Communications & Publicity.


All payments for advertising should be submitted to the attention of the VP of Finance at:

Project Management Institute
Eastern Iowa Chapter
P.O. Box 1811
Ceder Rapids, IA 52406-1811

Checks should be made payable to the PMI Eastern Iowa Chapter. If you have questions about payments, please contact the VP of Finance.