01-11-2018 7:15 am -9:00 am
The Kirkwood Center Hotel
The Kirkwood Center Hotel
7725 Kirkwood Boulevard SW
Thursday, January 11, 2018 7:15 - 9:00 am PMI Chapter Meeting

Program: The Ball Flow Game

Description:The Ball Flow game is a fun simulation to teach teams about the concept of flow and the simple metrics that can be used to assess the impacts of changes made to improve flow.

Simulation participants are challenged to self-organize into a production system where work is simulated by passing balls amongst all participants – while still following the rules. Cycle time is tracked and participants use this data to assess whether or not changes made improve the efficiency of their production system.

The simulation challenges participants to focus on experimentation and gathering data to assess the results of experiments vs. on a lengthy planning process up front. Participants also gain valuable experience in how to make decisions and communicate effectively within a self-organizing team.

Talent Triangle: Strategic & Business Management

TerriRiegelPresenter: Terri Riegel


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