Chapter Leadership

The PMI Eastern Iowa Chapter (EIC) leadership is made up of dedicated volunteers who constantly strive to add value to the membership and to forward the best interests of the chapter. Please feel free to contact any member of the leadership team with any questions, concerns, or suggestions you may have. Click here to see photos and biographies of our current Board of Directors.

Name Position
Saeko VonBehren, PMP President
Patty Ferrel, PMP Secretary
Margo Ballou, PMP Vice President of Communications & Publicity
Karen Lewis, PMP Director of Marketing
Sanket Jayade, PMP Director of Newsletter
Justin Hougen Director of Website and Technology
Bridget Clark, PMP Director of Programs
Robert Musetescu, PMP Director of Professional Development
Cheryl Fiala, PMP Director of Member Relations
Nadya Garay-Thompson, PMP Vice President of Outreach
Michael Suelzer, PMP Director of Military Outreach
Lisa Persels, PMP Director of Academic Outreach

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